Thomas A. Kuehhas

Thomas A. Kuehhas  |  The Time Traveler

A museum director with a Master of Arts degree in American History and over 20 years of educational experience teaching history to students at all levels, Tom has published articles, been featured on A & E Network documentaries, and curated museum exhibitions, all on the American Revolutionary War.

(Play the video below to see Tom on A&E circa 1996 providing background on the American Revolutionary War.)

Tom developed the Time Traveler 1776 program to be enjoyed by audiences of all ages — and it has been an immense success.

Tom says it wasn’t just the facts and dates that attracted him to the study of history. “It was the stories behind those dry facts and dates that appealed to me, and made me want to learn more.”  Tom’s skill and enthusiasm make history exciting even for those who think that it has no bearing on the present.

He tailors his approach to the individual group, but the goal is the same for all — make history come alive, while having fun and being entertained!  Tom is the near-magic teacher/raconteur who entices his audience to participate as they travel back through time together!

When Tom’s not busy presenting the popular Time Traveler 1776 program, he can be found promoting historical excitement as a guest lecturer or writer, and as a consultant to museums and historical societies.,

For further information, or to book Tom for your school, museum. or organization, contact Tom directly during business hours at 703-435-1116 or 516-662-0033 or email him any time.

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