Thank you for bringing all the reproductions

November 14, 2011

Dear Mr. K,

Thank you for coming to our school last week. You are awesome!

Some of our favorite things about your presentation were watching you fire the musket and seeing all the sparks fly. We also liked learning about the cards that the Revolutionary soldiers played with. We also enjoyed trying on clothes and looking at the powder horn. The clothes were very heavy.  We can’t imagine marching more than 20 miles in those clothes.   We liked learning about the cartridge holder and how bullets were made, too.

Even though we’ve been studying the Revolutionary War a little bit, and knew many things, we learned a lot from you.  For example, we didn’t know that the soldiers carried their ammo in their pouch.  We also didn’t know how much all their supplies weighed and how far the soldiers had to carry it.  We also learned that the soldiers had to keep their coats on, because underneath they all wore white and might get killed by their own soldiers.

Thank you for bringing all the reproductions, and letting us touch them.  Some of us wonder where you got all that interesting stuff.  Thank you again for sharing your time, your knowledge and your stuff with us.

The Fourth Grade
Washington Episcopal School

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