Nothing like being able to see and touch

Hello Mr. K.

I am the other fourth grade teacher at WES and just wanted to chime in.  Both of the fourth grade classes wrote a letter together, but I wanted to add my perspective as a teacher.

I thought your program was excellent.  Even though many of the kids have been to museums, and seen movies, and we’ve studied a lot about the events leading up to the Revolutionary War, there is still nothing like being able to see and touch something “real” to get them excited about what they learn.  When you came, and were unpacking your items, I was amazed how transfixed the students were, just watching all this cool stuff come out of your bag!  They were really focused and engaged while you presented stories and realia.

Also, I thought that the way your presentation was structured was wonderful: weapons first, then ammo, then supplies and clothes.  You got the kids hooked with the big stuff.  You also explained well what a replica was and preempted the gun shot with an explanation that they would not hear a loud boom.  Because you did that, they were still really excited about the sparks!  Kudos for great teaching technique!

Overall, it was really a great event, very worthwhile and I’ll highly recommend it to anyone.

FYI – I am copying our Elementary School Director, because she didn’t see your presentation, but wanted to share with her how successful it was.

Also, I am attaching a copy of a worksheet I made with your vocabulary words which the kids did before your presentation (maybe you can use it with other school).  Activating their prior knowledge was a good thing before you started, and I thank you for supplying us with the vocab.

We’ll look forward to seeing you next year. In the meantime, I’ll be singing your praises.

Barbora Bridle
Fourth Grade Teacher
Washington Episcopal School

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