The residents were captivated by your presentation

Hello Tom,

I am writing to let you know the residents thoroughly enjoyed your Revolutionary War presentation on Thursday evening, July 28th.

Several residents have made it a point to stop by my office to tell me your program brought a part of American history to life in a fascinating and enjoyable way.

When I looked around the room during the performance I noticed the residents were captivated by your presentation and asked many thought provoking questions.

Your organized and personable manner worked beautifully and the residents could hear your every word.

You mentioned having another program on 18th century medicine currently being worked on at this time.  As soon as you are ready, please contact me so we can add you to our social calendar…something we won’t want to miss!

Thanking you again for presenting history on a whole new level…we loved it!

Teresa Harris
Recreation Director
The Fairfax Retirement Community
Ft. Belvoir

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