We learned a lot about 1776

March 2, 2011

Dear Mr. Kuehhas,

We enjoyed your presentation and we learned a lot about 1776. It was fascinating how soldiers tied spikes to their shoes called ice-creepers to protect themselves when they walked on ice. We learned that soldiers had to carry a lot of weight, including their musket, bayonet, and bags of clothing. It was interesting that the bayonet could be used by itself or in addition you could add the musket. An astounding fact was that professional soldiers could fire three times a minute. We couldn’t believe that soldiers had one coat throughout the year, leaving some to freeze to death and others to die of heat stroke. We learned how soldiers fired the musket and that when the flint hit the metal it created a spark which ignited the gun powder. We enjoyed seeing the soldiers’ uniforms, including the breeches, socks, and coats. Even though one of the canteens looked larger it was interesting to find that the British and American canteens held the same amount of water.

Some of our favorite parts of the presentation were learning how the musket was held and fired and when students got to try on uniforms. We enjoyed passing around the objects and looking at them, especially the original archive. We would have liked more information on the two posters you brought to the presentation.

We really enjoyed your visit. Thank you again for giving us such a great presentation.

Washington Episcopal School 4th grade

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