Program “frontloads” SOL objectives

Fairfield County Public Schools

Fairfield County Public Schools

Mr. Thomas Kuehhas, a Revolutionary War expert, came to our school in January 2011 to speak to our entire fourth and sixth grade student body. He presented a program to four classes a day for three days, each program lasting approximately one hour. He was very easy to work with and flexible when a delayed opening completely changed our schedule.

Mr. Kuehhas billed himself as a “Time Traveler” and to our students he appeared so. He came dressed in period clothing and even allowed the students to try on some of the extra items he brought so that they could experience for themselves the smell, feel, and weight of each article.

He patiently answered all questions and explained everything in great detail. His presentation engaged even the most challenging students. The visuals he brought helped form pictures in the students’ minds when the actual artifacts were not allowed into our school (period weaponry).

This “hands-on” Revolutionary War presentation enabled the fourth and sixth grade teachers to “frontload” SOL objectives covering this period of history. I definitely recommend that teachers take advantage of this presentation as an alternative to a field trip.


Laurie J. Hartt

Lorton Station Elementary
9298 Lewis Chapel Road
Lorton, VA 22079

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