Amazed students with his stories

January 7, 2010

I recently had the pleasure of hiring Thomas Kuehhas to bring his Time Traveler program to my school.  Specifically, Mr. Kuehhas gave a hands-on presentation emphasizing the equipment and tactics employed in the U.S. Revolutionary War.  Mr. Kuehhas amazed students with his stories and artifacts from the war.  He presented a musket and bayonet, colonial Minuteman uniform, canteen, ammunition, and other trinkets used by soldiers.  His knowledge of the period was exemplary and he had a great rapport with students.  He tailored the program to Maryland by including anecdotes about local soldiers fighting all over the colonies.  His presentation lasted about an hour and the audience was rapt throughout.

Mr. Kuehhas would define and explain an artifact, ask questions and discuss answers, then allow the students to handle the item.  The kids truly enjoyed the experience, especially getting to dress in the full regalia of a Minuteman.  My students’ excitement carried over into the classroom where we continued a discussion about the war and the life of a colonial soldier.  The presentation allowed the students to picture what we had studied and place themselves, literally and figuratively, into the time period.  I would highly recommend the program to any school teaching about the Revolutionary War.


Colin Saba
The Banner School History Teacher
1730 N. Market Street
Frederick, MD 21701

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