Tom Kuehhas is the Time Traveler

Time Traveler 1776: A Hands-On American Revolutionary War Presentation
Teacher, raconteur and hands-on historian Tom Kuehhas is the Time Traveler, making history come alive as he takes audiences back to Colonial times and America’s Revolutionary War.

A Time Traveler for All Occasions
Time Traveler 1776 is a unique, interactive program ideal for students, 3rd grade and up, but also perfect for Veterans’ and seniors’ groups, DAR meetings, historical societies, and community organizations. With over 20 years experience, Tom is a master at tailoring the program to the needs and interests of his audience.

Touching, Talking, Trying on History
Tom’s hands-on program utilizes museum-quality reproductions of the weapons, equipment, and uniforms that were worn and carried by the soldiers in Washington’s army. Tom’s enthusiasm for history energizes the audience as they touch and talk about the authentic reproductions, try on the uniforms, and answer his probing questions.

Great Fun, The Ultimate in Learning
The program has enjoyed immense success, with participants (and teachers) offering kudos and recommendations. Some of the comments:

  • Extremely informative, educational, and interesting.
  • Absolutely loved trying on the Continental uniform!
  • Very enjoyable and interesting. Loved the hands-on approach!

And that’s just for starters! See what teachers and students say about the Time Traveler 1776 outreach program.

Make History Come Alive for Your Group or Class!
For more information, and to schedule a program for your group or class, contact Tom directly during business hours at 703-435-1116 or 516-662-0033 or email him any time.

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